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Chime In with AWJ

Apr 30, 2021

Amanda talks with Carol Cottrell about what it is like to be an intuitive (psychic) medium. Carol decided to leave her successful marketing career at the age of 40 to become a medium. Having always had medium abilities since she was a child, but never paying them much attention, Carol finally decided it was time to live a purpose-driven life and follow her gifts. After years of studying, cultivating, and integrating her skills, she was able to pivot and begin to give readings to people that had lost loved ones, as well as tap into her psychic abilities to help others. In this ethereal and thought-provoking episode, Amanda and Carol discuss common themes she sees in her readings when someone has passed suddenly or tragically. They also discuss common themes she sees when someone has been abused and that person connects with their abuser after they have crossed over. Carol dives into how people can heighten their intuition and the significance of remaining in the present moment. They also explore so many other fascinating topics that won't disappoint!

Carol Cottrell is an internationally recognized intuitive (psychic) medium who communicates with those in spirit to bring healing, love, and guidance. Carol has learned from some of the world's most respected mediums / teachers. Carol demonstrates mediumship for audiences throughout the country and offers group and one-on-one readings in her Charleston, South Carolina, and Northern New York offices and via the Internet and phone. She also teaches mediumship workshops and classes and offers one-on-one mentorships to help others develop their own psychic and mediumistic abilities

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