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Chime In with AWJ

Oct 1, 2021

On the season premiere of Season 2 Amanda speaks with Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan, a holistic, integrative, Chinese medicine doctor about the current state of our world and a new paradigm shift that is occurring. She is Harvard Mathematics graduate turned Software "success story" that recognized early in her career the importance of pivoting into her truth to follow her childhood passion of  Chinese medicine. Dr. Chan is a visionary pioneer and thought leader that brings great wisdom and hope to the conversation.

In this episode we dive into:

- When we are out of alignment in our life and not living in integrity we become sick

- A deep meditative experience that changed her entire life

- What is HEALTH and how we should redefine it and learn to celebrate symptoms and the intelligence of our amazing body

- The foundation of Chinese Medicine

- Our world is upside down and inverted. We must flip the upside model.

- There is a massive awakening occurring and a new paradigm is being built

- Understanding life from a deeper and truer essence

- The core of who we are

- How we have been socially engineered

- Home Schooling and Unschooling

- What is Education versus Schooling


To join Dr. Chan's Luminous Education Revolution October 1-3 click the link below. You can also purchase this event after it takes place until October 15th.




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