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Chime in with Amanda Watson Johnson

Feb 12, 2021

Amanda speaks with Greg Graber on emotional intelligence (EQ) and the art of mindfulness. They discuss what mindfulness entails, his experience training professional sports teams on mindfulness in order to enhance their game, the discipline of gratitude, the power of daily rituals, the concept of ONE, the law of impermanence and the importance of teaching mindfulness in schools.

Greg teaches mindfulness and social and emotional learning skills (SEL) to sports teams, schools and various organizations and corporations around the world. He is the author of "Slow Your Roll - Mindfulness for Fast Times," where he shares his practical, no-nonsense techniques for mindful living. Greg has worked with everyone from soccer moms to professional sports programs, including the Memphis Grizzlies. His work has been featured in The New York Times and on ESPN. He also has presented at Harvard University Graduate School of Education. Greg has developed programs for teachers and students, such as Unplugged Mindfulness and the Daily Focus, while also consulting with schools on developing programs. A former long-time principal of Lausanne Collegiate School, Greg now serves as the Director of SEL & Mindfulness.

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