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Chime In with AWJ

Dec 24, 2021

Amanda talks with Chris Wark, author and health advocate, about his natural healing journey after being diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer at the age of 26. Shortly after a prayer, seeking God’s guidance on how he was to heal himself, Chris received a book, from a family friend, on how to cure cancer with an all-natural, plant based, raw diet. He then decided to forgo the recommended chemotherapy protocol.

Very quickly after changing his diet Chris began to feel incredible improvement. Amanda and Chris discuss the importance of mind, body and spirit health in order to stay well. He addresses the significance of diet, lifestyle, exercise and stress, as they directly correlate with disease.

They dive into the great paradox of our “healthcare” system, as well as the role that big pharma plays in keeping us sick. This interview is both empowering and liberating, reminding us that we control the destiny of our health. 


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